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    —Prevention and Management of the Election Related Crisis in Nigerian Medical Association

    —Prevention and Management of the Election Related Crisis in Nigerian Medical Association

    —Presented at the Leadership retreat organized by the NMA October 2018


    —Dr. Muideen B. Olatunji

    —Past Chairman; NMA, Oyo State


    —The Association

    —The Nigerian Medical Association

    —Founded in 1960

    —Evolved from, British Medical Association, Nigerian Branch

    —Founded in 1951

    —Umbrella bodies for all Medical & Dental Practitioners, registered in Nigeria

    —Western Nigeria; the Root


    —Aim and Objectives

    —To Ensure that Medical & Dental Practitioners in Nigeria Uphold the Physicians Oath

    —To Promote the Advancement of Health and Allied Sciences

    —To Assist the Government and Peoples of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the Provision of Smooth, Efficient & Effective Health Care Delivery System in the Country

    —To Promote the Welfare of all Medical & Dental Practitioners in the Country

    —To Co-operate with International Organizations that have Similar Aims & Objectives

    —To Consider & Express Views on all Proposed Legislation, National & International Issues, Health Care Delivery System, Medical & Dental Education in Nigeria


    —Any Medical or Dental Practitioner Registered Under the Medical & Dental Practitioners’ Decree 23 of 1998 (Act CAP 221 Laws of the Federation) and as Subsequently Amended shall have a Right of Membership of the Association on Payment of the Annual Practicing Fee

    —Categories of Memberships

    —Ordinary Members (Has Right to Vote)

    —Life Members

    ¡Ordinary Members has paid b/4 Jan. 1989 life membership fee = 20 years

    ¡Ordinary members above 80 years & active financial member for at least 20 years

    —Honorary Members (Has no Right to Vote)

    —Associate Members (Has no Right to Vote)

    —Student Members ( Has no Right to Vote)

    —Distant Members

    —The Structure

    —The National Body

    Head by the President

    The NOC

    The NEC


    —The State Branches

    Head by the Chairman




    —The Federal Capital Territory

    Head by the Chairman and Structured as a State

    Pattern of Race Baton

    —A Model of Shura Committee

    —Leadership of the Association Evolves through Election Process

    —The culture of One-Man-One-Vote

    —Democracy with concept of Majority

    —Delegate Voting


    —The Election

    —This is in Article 11

    —Election Holds Every Two Years

    —Single Term for all Officers on a Post/Office

    —Eligibility is Subject to Article 4

    —At the State Level

    The By-law often Require Local Annual Dues (Classical Lacuna for Exploitation)

    —The Crisis Trigger Factor

    —Empire Syndrome

    Regional Sentiment

    Group Sentiment

    Common Interest

    Majority Dominance

    Intra Cadre Bickering

    The God-Father

    The Mafioso

    —The North South Conflict

    —The Lagos Axis Dominance

    —The Rebellion

    —The Kaduna Outing

    —The Great Mobilization

    —Ujah Vs Grainge Show of Witt


    —Local Ring

    —Larger Group Vs Smaller Groups

    —Generalist Vs Specialist

    —Mafia within a Community

    —The Bond of Common Interest

    —Established Tradition Vs New Order


    —Election Related Crisis

    —Definition: This is a Major Unpredictable Event or an Activity that has Potential Negative Result following Election Process

    —The Common Elements of Crisis:

    Threat to the Association

    Element of Surprise

    A Short Decision Time

    —Look into the Mirror

    —The Crisis Rear its Ugly Head Unexpectedly (Not at all times)

    —Decisions are Required by the Apex Leadership Urgently

    —Time is Short

    —Specific Threats are Identified

    —There is Urgent Demand for Information

    —There is Sense of Loss of Control

    —Pressure Builds over Time

    —Routine Business Becomes Difficult

    —Demands are made to Identify Someone to Blame

    —Reputation Suffers

    —Communications are Increasingly Difficult to Manage


    —Prevention of Election Related Crisis in NMA

    —Lets Understand Our Differences, Don’t Admonish that we Forget it!

    —NMA a Mini Nigeria; A Nation with gapping Faults Lines; Seal the Fault Lines

    —Evolve a Culture of all Inclusiveness

    —Imbibe and Internalize the Concept and Ideals of Hippocratic Oath

    —Relegate the Animal Farm Syndrome


    —Election Crisis Management

    —Crisis Management is the Process by which the Association deals with this Ugly Event that Threatens to Harm our Association’s Corporate Image, her Members, Stakeholders and the perception by the allied members of the Health Community and by Extension the Views of the General Public

    —Crisis Intervention Plan

    —Assess the Risk

    —Produce Plans

    —Defines Roles and Responsibilities

    —Appoint the Crisis Management Team

    —Draw up Communication Plan

    —Define Contact and Organization Chart

    —Activate Crisis Ready Culture

    —The Crisis Management Team

    —The Role of the Crisis Management Team (CMT) in this Situation is a Straight Forward Mitigation Process and Restoration of Peace

    —The Team Should:

    Establish what has Happened

    Assess the Impact and depth

    Resolve any Conflict and Interest

    Identify and Prioritize Actions Required

    Retain Control

    —Responsibilities of the Team

    —Prevention of Further Crisis and to be Normal Again

    —To Minimize Losses

    —To Encash any Opportunities

    —Ensure Survival of the Association

    —Successful Outcomes

    —Team Make Up

    —An ideal Intervention Team Requires Representation from various Groups and Opinions so as to Remove Perceived Bias that may Taint the Assigned Duty.

    —Never to be Constituted from the Theater of War

    —Essential Principles of an Arbiter

    —First, The Intervention Team Can Only be effective and Successful in the Assigned Task if the Team is well informed, Understand the Rules of Engagement in NMA, Committed to the Principles and Ideals of the Association as well as the Crisis Management Plan and Protocol, so that they could be Successful in the Assigned Task

    —Secondly, The Association (NMA) on its Own, Needs to Establish and Enshrine a Robust and Acceptable Crisis Management Culture within the Entire Spread of the Association as a Known Tradition, this is when the Association would be Responding to Crisis Promptly and Appropriately

    —Crisis Management Command Chain

    —The Crisis Resolution Team is Appointed by the Highest Authority . The Peace Team is to Assess the Immediate and Remote Cause(s) of the Crisis. —Responsible Only to the Appointing Authority, The NOC Under the President

    —The President

    —The President on Behalf of the NOC is to Receive the Feedback produced by the Intervention Team. The Core Responsibilities of the President/NOC are:

    Maintain the Corporate Image of the Association at such trying Period

    Provide Guidance/Mandate to the Peace Committee

    Receive Report and Recommendation from the Committee and Provide Approval & Directions

    Be Accountable to the Directive Provided

    —Information Management

    —There must be an Officer Designated for Internal & External Communication Tasks. One of the Fundamental Flaws in Many Crisis Responses is that an Overdose of Information is Produce but with NO Real Focus to the Communication Strategy

    —Effective & Proactive Communication will Create & Build the Perception that the Association is Under Control.

    —That the Association Know and Understands what is Happening and that it will Resolve the Crisis

    —Summary of Core Responsibility of the Peace Team

    —Analyze and Assess the Incidents of the Election Crisis

    —Resolve the Acute Crisis:- Step in & Kick Out Malady

    —Collate Evidences

    —Make Objective Inference

    —Provide Recommendations

    —Report to the President

    —The President

    Execute Action to Facilitate the Return to a State of Normalcy.

    —Caveat: The Peace Committee

    —The Election Crisis Resolution Team Members Must, as a Matter of Principle be:

    Well Informed and Assertive


    Polite and Patient

    Brave Enough to Face Reality

    Should Have Positive Approach

    Effective Communicator

    Risk Manager

    Problem/Challenges Identifier

    Accurate and Reliable

    Mind Stability

    Available and Willing to Work Under Stress


    —The Final Round Table

    —Lets Jaw-Jaw and Not War-War

    —Thanks for Listening

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