• 21 JUN 19
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    There is no Known Ebola case in Nigeria

    There is no Known Ebola case in Nigeria

    Following the social media scare making the rounds as regards a rumoured Ebola case in Lagos, Ports (Aviation) Health office at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMA), Office of the State Epidemiologist Lagos State Ministry of Health, the (Chief) Microbiologist and other relevant authorities have been contacted for clarifications.

    Following are the facts:

    • An adult female arrived Nigeria from DR Congo yesterday through the MMA (Airline name withheld), for a church programme in Nigeria.
    • She was acutely ill, febrile and had episode of vomiting.
    • Her travel history made her a contact suspect for Ebola, and she was promptly isolated.
    • LASAMBUS (Lagos State Ambulance Services) was deployed and she was promptly transferred to the Infectious Diseases Hospital (IDH), Lagos, were she was resuscitated, and samples taken/sent for Ebola virology.
    • Results came out this pm, and is NEGATIVE for Ebola.
    • The subject is well now, and has been discharged from hospital.
    • Active state of alert and surveillance however continue.

    We are requested to please help stop the spread of this Ebola news scare, by providing the facts and promptly dispelling sensational rumours; mass hysteria is the last thing Nigerians deserve at this, or any other moment.


    National Chairman, Aviation Health.
    Nigeria Medical Association’

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