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    Dear Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Member,

    Greetings from Louisiana, USA! In lieu of our recent Memorandum of Agreement signing between

    The ICT University, University of Turku and The Nigerian Medical Association, we are pleased to

    announce this new partnership. In this agreement, the ICT University Foundation has agreed to

    donate eLearning and eLibrary equipment and laboratory to (5) selected member organizations or

    institutions of higher learning affiliated with the NMA. Further, we want to invite you to apply to

    the MPH/PHD program taught both online and face to face research at ICT University, University

    of Turku and Harvard University.

    The Master of Public Health (MPH) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Public Heath ICT is a joint

    degree program between ICT University Cameroon and the University of Turku in Finland. The

    MPH/PhD program will prepare students to integrate information technology (health

    informatics) with public health skills. By combining the MPH and PhD degrees, students will be

    able to utilize the expertise and skills to address current and future population health needs. The

    dual degree program shares course credits between the two institutions, which allows students

    to obtain both degrees within four years. Students can opt to just take the MPH program alone,

    which is a two-year program. Students with an MPH can be admitted directly into the PhD

    program which can be completed in three years. Students are guided by an advisory

    committee comprised of faculty from both participating universities. With a recent MOU

    between ICT University and Harvard University’s Global Health Catalyst group, Harvard

    University has agreed to host students from this program for short periods starting year 2 of the

    program. Hence, your members will have the opportunity to participate in the program at three

    continents—Africa (Cameroon), Europe (Finland) and North America (USA). However, for the

    sake of clarity, please note that the degree will be jointly granted by our two accredited

    institutions, ICT University and University of Turku (not Harvard).

    The ICT University Foundation and The University of

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  • Posted by OHWODO, OVOTU HARRY on October 24, 2019, 1:09 pm

    I am interested in the PHD/MPH and would like more information. I am based in and work in Lagos. I have masters degrees in public health and occupational medicine.

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  • Posted by Abdullahi Dahiru Aminu on February 23, 2020, 5:39 am

    Wants to join the University to pursue my PhD in Public Health.

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  • Posted by Dr. E. O. Samuels on November 9, 2020, 2:57 pm

    Please, how do I apply for this program? May I know the implications for both the online and face to face program? When is it starting for 2020 or 2021 session
    Thank you.
    Dr Esther Samuels

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