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    National Health Summit 2019: Universal Health Coverage Sub Theme

    National Health Summit 2019: Universal Health Coverage Sub Theme

    At the 2nd NHS Abuja 2019, one of the most contemporary subthemes is *Universal Health Coverage (UHC)* to which Nigeria committed to in Abuja on 10th March 1014.

    In the Declaration to which Nigeria co-signed, she reaffirmed “that health is a fundamental human right and the responsibility of the government in assuring the health of its people”.

    The surest vehicle to achieving UHC is mandatory social health insurance program; the engine, functional PHC. NMA went on strike, marched on the streets of state capitals and the FCT and almost declared hunger strike for the enactment and commencement of implementation of the NHAct- a mother law that will guarantee the good wishes.

    As we come to Abuja 2019, let’s come with information regarding the state of the implementation of the BHCPF especially in respect of establishment of functional *State Health Insurance Agencies* (SHIA), and *State Primary Health Care Development Agencies* (SPHCDA) the gateways for assessing the BHCPF. Despite all odds, UHC is possible.

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  • Posted by Dr Igwemadu Gerald on November 3, 2019, 10:48 am

    The UHC correctly identified the BHCPF as the best vehicle to achieve this is apt. However, the structure of BHCPF as presently constituted is fraught with many grey areas that are prone to exploitation by selfish elements and possibly a complete collapse of HUWE.
    Will expound with facts at the NHS plenary.
    Thank you.
    Dr Igwemadu Gerald (AS, NMA Nasarawa State)

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