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    The attention of the National Officers Committee (NOC) of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has been drawn to the circular with Ref. No HCSF/CSO/HRM/1274/T3 dated 11th September 2020 issued by Office of the Head of Service of the Federation.

    The NOC has studied the content of the circular and rejects it in its entirety.

    Furthermore, as a responsible leadership, the President of NMA,Prof (Dr) Innocent AO Ujah FNMA mni, has commenced wide consultations with relevant stakeholders on the issues at stake.

    In addition, there will be an emergency NOC meeting on Thursday,17th September 2020 to deliberate on the situation after which an appropriate response will be issued to the relevant authorities by the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA).

    The President of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), therefore calls on all our members to remain calm as the NOC is working towards finding a permanent solution to this unwarranted assault on the integrity of our noble profession.

    Thank you .

    Dr Aniekeme Uwah JP
    National Publicity Secretary

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  • Posted by Sowade on September 18, 2020, 10:22 am

    Firstly, I want to salute you for coming forward to take up this leadership role. Man may propose in his heart but when God gives power it becomes a reality.

    Dear Prof Ujah mni sir, I write to you as a concern young female doctor in the face of pandemic and recent happenings in the medical profession. It has become obvious to all that you are the father of all medical professional bodies in Nigeria, thus it has become imperative that you lead us to the next level.
    The next level for a future thinking doctor like me is not to use all our energy to fight the interest of others who do not only take pleasure in following our great achievements but also wish for what they cannot have without proper training.
    Dear sir, I must say when challenges like this surface then it means we have slept for too long on our previous achievements and it is time to make another footprint in the sand of time.

    Your role in advocating for the future of medical practices in Nigeria can start by ensuring a pathway for all doctors coming out of medical school, you have the resources to do this, you know the number of house officers allocated to each training institution, use your good office in advocating for internship placement into hospitals after medical school.

    A lot of senior doctors are advocating for privatization of the health sector. In as much as this is a good way to improve productivity, I will sincerely appeal to you sir; that we should not go into such process without a legal agreement on fair salary for all doctors working in different establishment.

    Sir, do you know that market women are organized enough to agree on the price to sell their products?

    Some others are saying you should allow all doctors on a particular grade level to be called consultants, this made me laugh sir, consultant what will they be called? Consultant medical Officer? A fellow is a specialist : Internist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Gynecologist, Gastroenterologist, Psychiatrist, Family Physician, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and so on. I however plead with you, that you advocate for structural entry into Residency Training for young doctors and continuous improvement of this pathway. The world we live in changes every second, thanks to technology. A well outlined pathway for development and growth will encourage doctors to stay back in our beloved country, Nigeria. Majority of medical officers actually would have become specialists, if placement for residency is well structured.

    I will not end my note without appreciating the efforts you put into courtesy call across the country. But to improve on inclusiveness I want to suggest that you organize a young doctor colloquy in each state you visit sir. This will enable you to impact the young doctors through experience sharing and also allow you listen to the burden faced by the budding medical doctors. The world has changed greatly and we hope the NMA of today is ready to embrace the future.

    Sir, don’t just lead, leave a footprint in the sand of time. I plead with you make history happen for us . I wish you exceptional strength, dynamic wisdom, and heavenly luck as you plan to succeed in office.


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    • Posted by Tenconni on September 19, 2020, 12:58 pm
      in reply to Sowade

      Honestly, I would have given you a very big hug if only I can see you Dr Sowade.
      Honestly, this shit is really annoying. Why fight for the name of consultant with other professionals when on the normal doctors are suffering.
      why not fight for higher pay, a good working environment and provision of medical equipments to make work easy, provide platform to collect more doctors into the medical residency and housejob. In some Hospitals in Nigeria, they have like 18 house officers covering the whole federal teaching hospitals and you see them killing themselves in the name of Housejob.
      Please, Our NMA president should reorganize our priorities rather than running around fighting for things that are not of immediate concern to us. Whether anybody is called a consultant or anything superior than a consultant, our goal should be achieving our objectives and aims in the profession with good pay, incentives and general working conditions.
      God help us all.

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