• 12 MAR 21
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    The President of the Nigerian Medical Association, Prof (Dr) IAO Ujah, FNMA, FNAmed, mni yesterday met and addressed the Committee of CMDs on at the Ritz Intercontinental Hotel, Central Business District, Abuja.

    The Chairman, Committee of CMDs, Dr J A F Momoh, announced the arrival and welcomed the NMA President to their 93rd regular meeting.

    He observed that it was a very good and healthy development to have the NMA President interact with the CMDs/MDs of FederalTertiary Health institutions in thecountry.

    He went ahead to comment on the burning issue of lack of payment of the three months salaries owed House Officers across the country.

    The Chairman of the Committee of CMDs/MDs stated that they had an engagement with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) and the issue was looked at holistically with the aim of finding a permanent solution.

    He further corrected the impression that only 19 CMDs/MDs submitted the list of HOs.He stated that virtually all the CMDs/MDs submitted but MDCN accepted only 19.

    He stated that those institutions that had expanded from State Specialist or Federal Medical Centre (FMC) to Federal Teaching Hospitals and had to employ more HOs based on their needs, thereby exceeding their quotas were not listed.

    Also, those whose submission of list of House Officers (HOs) were below their quotas where also not accepted.

    While some other institutions who had varied issues with their list were also not accepted.

    Thus, amongst all that were submitted, MDCN only released the list of 19 CMDs/MDs who had no discrepancies.

    He also said, it was instructive to note that the quotas are that of over 10 years ago.

    In his address, the NMA President stated the need for constructive engagements, dialogue, and advocacy with Heads of institutions, Ministries, Departments and Agencies(MDAs).

    He stated that Dr Ememabasi Bassey, the CMD of University of Uyo Teaching Hospital (UUTH) had been appointed the NMA liaison to the CMDs/MDs Forum to foster communications and relationship in order to improve the participation of CMDs/MDs in NMA activities.

    Furthermore, Mr President stated that it was very unfortunate that three months salaries were owed House Officers.

    He said ,he was appreciative of the fact that the matter is being resolved and that payments have started.

    He emphasised on the need to put measures in place to prevent the repeat of such an unfortunate incidence.

    He informed the CMDs/MDs that they have all been officially invited to the forthcoming NMA ADM/AGC in Jos, Plateau State in April, 2021 and urged them to attend and participate actively.

    In addition, Mr President asked the CMDs/MDs to support the association both financially and otherwise eg by placing advertorials in the NMA Medinews.

    Mr President also called on the CMDs/MDs to join in curbing quackery by bringing to bare the implementation and insisting on the use of NMA Doctors’ Stamp.

    He further asked for financial support for Doctors House in Maitama, Abuja as the building levy will only cover 10% of the budget.

    He also observed that the two major court cases against NMA by Doctors is from the South East Zone of Nigeria.

    He concluded by appreciating the CMDs for the opportunity to address them and for accepting to work and support NMA as stated by the Chairman Committee of CMDs/MDs.

    Finally, each CMD/MD introduced themselves to the NMA President. The Secretary General, Dr Ekpe Philip Uche who accompanied NMA President to the occasion was also given an opportunity to introduce himself to the CMDs/MDs.

    Dr Aniekeme Uwah JP
    National Publicity Secretary
    Nigerian Medical Association

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