• 08 MAY 24
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    NMA President Commends Governor Otu’s Urban Renewal Efforts During Visit

    NMA President Commends Governor Otu’s Urban Renewal Efforts During Visit

    In a gesture of collaboration and commitment to healthcare advancement, the National leadership of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), led by Dr. Uche Ujinmah, recently paid a courtesy visit to Governor Bassey Otu in his temporary office in Calabar.

    Dr. Ujinmah opened the discussion by praising Governor Otu’s dedication to urban renewal, emphasizing the interconnectedness of aesthetics and health. “I have seen the great work you have done,” Dr. Ujinmah remarked, noting the positive feedback from the state chapter regarding their cooperation. He commended the governor for his hand of fellowship.

    During the meeting, Dr. Ujinmah informed the governor of his imminent departure following the doctors’ delegate meeting at the Calabar International Convention Center – CICC. He pleaded for more doctors in the state’s service, advocating for the implementation of a new welfare scheme to attract and retain medical professionals.

    In response, Governor Otu expressed gratitude for the NMA’s choice to convene in the state for crucial decisions. “Yours is a delicate sector where government must pay attention to,” Governor Otu stated, highlighting the importance of prioritizing the people’s well-being.

    Governor Otu acknowledged the sacrifices made by medical personnel and assured them of the government’s commitment to addressing challenges in the healthcare sector. He emphasized the significance of attracting and retaining medical professionals, pledging to pay competitive salaries and prioritize health funding.

    Furthermore, Governor Otu unveiled plans to leverage technology, including a partnership with ZIPLINE company, to enhance medical logistics and service delivery.

    As the meeting concluded, Governor Otu saluted the impactful tenure of the NMA’s current leadership and expressed regret at Dr. Ujimba’s impending departure. He assured the NMA of the state’s readiness to tap into their expertise in the future.

    The courtesy visit culminated in an exchange of plaques between Dr. Ujimba and Governor Otu, symbolizing the mutual appreciation and commitment to strengthening the relationship between the NMA and the state government.

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