• 15 MAY 24
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    NMA President,  Dr Bala Audu, Thanks Nigerian Drs, Says “Let The Work Begin”!

    NMA President, Dr Bala Audu, Thanks Nigerian Drs, Says “Let The Work Begin”!

    Esteemed Colleagues, I am glad to confirm, through communication with state Chairmen, that all delegates have safely arrived at their respective destinations.

    I trust each delegate has reunited with loved ones, enriched by our collective experience. As we reflect on the profound takeaways from our recently concluded Annual Delegates Meeting in Calabar, I commend the NMA Cross River Chapter for their exceptional hosting.

    My heartfelt gratitude goes to my fellow Nigerian Doctors whose unwavering support has led to my election as President. Your commitment to our association is commendable, and I earnestly wish to convey my gratitude beyond mere words.

    The resounding voice of Nigerian Doctors has resonated clearly with me. Your votes signal a mandate to enhance the social welfare of our profession, bolster healthcare accessibility nationwide, and elevate the standard of healthcare services to global acclaim. I pledge unwavering dedication to fulfilling these aspirations, vowing not to falter in this noble pursuit.

    To other candidates in the election, while the outcome may not have favored all, I implore you to maintain your ardor for our association. Your continued dedication is invaluable as we strive to elevate the NMA to unprecedented heights. As reiterated in my acceptance speech, “this victory is for all Nigerian Doctors.” Let us now embark, united in purpose, on the journey ahead. In the service of all Nigerian Doctors, let the work begin! Yes, we shall!!


    Dr Bala Mohammed Audu

    32nd President, Nigerian Medical Association

    Vice Chancellor, Federal University of Health Sciences, Azare


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